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DivChild4ozOil100W.gifDIVINE CHILD Massage, Bath & Body Oil

A truly Divine Oil for your Divine Child! This high quality oil is for children and babies over 3 months of age. Lavender, Chamomile, Melissa. 4 oz.

Price $29.95
Estro-JarOnly230W.gifOrganic Anti-Aging DIVINE FACE CREAM Estrogenic

Organic Face Cream Formulated for women's Over 40 Skin. Naturally Estrogenic with Organic Clary Sage Essential Oil. 2 oz.

Price $31.95
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meditationart72w180h.gifMEDITATION Aromatherapy Spray

Aromatherapy that strengthens and grounds your connection with the Divine, deepens your breath, and encourages constructive emotional work. 2 oz.

Price $19.00
PoochPerfume90x180.gifPOOCH PERFUME Natural Deodorizer

100% Natural Aromatherapy Pooch Perfume Spray for home and travel to calm anxiety and hyperactivity. Helps repel fleas and ticks. 2 oz.

Price $19.00
SacredBreath88w146h.gifSACRED BREATH Perfume Oil

Frankincense and Sandalwood, our best seller! This natural perfume oil combination slows and deepens your breath, while it fortifies and soothes your spirit.

Price $12.95
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aloefirstaidforkids75.gifOrganic ALOE FIRST AID For Kids

Kids safe 2% dilution of 100% Organic Aloe Vera with healing essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, and Tea Tree. 2 and 4 oz.

Price $14.00
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my-true-moon-tampon-boxOrganic Tampons

20% Off! Your cycle is natural. Your tampons should be too. 

Price $8.00
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